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We work together on an interactive, roll-your-sleeves up basis. 

We clarify and tweak, or sometimes outright establish, framework around earning, spending and saving. 

We set up your money “system” and establish an approach to managing your finances.

Focus is on:

  • cashflow and money management

  • spending and savings plans

  • establishing emergency funds

  • compensation & benefits optimization

  • 401(k) and IRA savings strategies 


Format: Project Engagement

We hold multiple working sessions and check-ins spread over a 3-month period 


Creating Financial Framework

Clients seeking to establish foundational know-how on their finances, focused on getting set up for future success. 


Your request is: “Help me learn what I should be doing”

Typically appropriate for household incomes <$150,000


or $1500 for single with no kids

Billed in four installments 

We work together on collaborative basis. 

We discuss key points about your financial situation and what you are hoping to accomplish.  I provide observations, perspectives, and possible strategies for you to consider as you handle your financial decisions in a DIY manner.

This review typically addresses: 

  • savings strategies and long-term goals

  • investment asset class allocation

  • compensation & benefits optimization

  • equity award strategies

  • tax review

  • risk topics 

Format: Project Engagement 

We meet up to 5 times spread over 2-3-month period


Financial Review


Clients with an established financial framework seeking an objective assessment of their current situation, and collaboration to explore opportunities to future improve net worth. 

Your request is: “Tell me how I am doing”

Typically appropriate for mid-career professionals with household income >$150,000


typically, ranging from $1800 - $5000, depending on complexity 

Billed upfront, or in four installments if preferred



Strategic Planning Relationship

We partner together in an ongoing relationship, integrating short- and mid-term goals and opportunities along with long-term financial strategies, and investment account management.

We proactively work towards making progress on your goals.  

As life happens or as priorities shift, we react and make adjustments.


Format: Ongoing Engagement 

Once our introductory phase is complete and we are set up, we connect multiple times throughout each year (typically quarterly, but is customized based on anticipated topics/tasks).



Clients who understand the value in having a thinking partner for ongoing interaction, prioritizing staying on track, proactive planning, and decision optimization. 

Your request is: “Guide me along the way and keep me paddling in the right direction”

Ongoing monthly fee of $200-$450

depending on complexity and scope

Commonly structured as a flat annual fee paid in monthly installments

Your investment accounts are professionally managed.

You pass on responsibilities for specific investment selection, trading and rebalancing, and account monitoring. 

Our investment discussions are integrated into ongoing reviews and discussion.

Format: Ongoing Engagement 

Typically provided as a supplement to Strategic Planning Relationship.



Clients who don’t have time, interest or skillset to devote to managing investments.

Investment Management Services

1% of assets managed portfolios <$1M

with tiered reductions for portfolios in excess of $1M

For Strategic Planning clients who also select Investment Management, the monthly planning fee is offset by any investment management fees

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