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Since true financial planning is an ever-evolving, ongoing process, financial planning is delivered through a series of working sessions in a disciplined approach to thoroughly explore various topics, in an undaunting style.  Envision this: collaborative meetings, a consultative approach to a multitude of topics, and proactively making progress along the way.

Providing professionals personalized financial guidance in a collaborative manner.

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We serve career-focused professionals who want to proactively approach their financial life.  We have expertise that is uniquely valuable in serving clients who want guidance accomplishing these specific goals:

  • Creating intentionality with an organized structure to approach income, saving, and living.

  • Navigating equity compensation or other executive compensation programs as part of income sources and goal setting.

  • Developing strategies that integrate tax considerations for different savings vehicles and account structures. 

Are you one of these?

​Mid-career professionals who want a go-to professional while navigating the balancing act of income fluctuations, career negotiations, life goals, and connecting all the dots.

Ongoing engagements only

Rising professionals who seek a foundational roadmap, reassurance about conflicting rules of thumb, and guidance prioritizing decisions that have long-lasting impact over the journey. 

Ongoing and micro- engagements

Late-career professionals who desire a unique lens for perspective on how their compensation and benefit programs and equity awards layer into their financial puzzle. 

Ongoing engagements only


Financial planning fees are fixed amounts, based on your financial situation and complexity. Investment management is an available service, but not required for financial planning services.  Your financial planning fee is determined based on your stage in your financial life, your income and net worth, and the complexity of the moving parts of your circumstances (e.g., proximity to retirement). 

Sample client: A mid-career professional whose goals include navigating typical financial decisions and strategies common at their current stage of the financial journey, with current compensation of $180k and a net worth of $800k.  Example fee: $6,000 annual 

Sample client: A late-career executive facing major decisions, such as evaluating departure scenarios and/or positioning for retirement within 10 years, with current compensation of $325k and a net worth of $2.5M.  Example fee: $18,000 annual 


First, let’s get to know each other. 

We’ll start with an introduction call to get acquainted, learn more about each other, and decide if we’ll explore a financial planning engagement. If we agree we may be a good fit, we’ll find more time for a more detailed conversation to further explore your financial planning needs and our financial planning process and philosophy.

Starting the financial planning journey is a commitment of time and attention.  To honor the commitment to service and quality for our clients, we limit openings for new client engagements.  Our next new client engagements will begin in the summer.


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