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Tammy Goodman, CFP®, MBA, CECP




I am an enthusiastic financial planner with passion for helping others with personal finance. Consider me a financial savviness ambassador, delivering financial guidance in an undaunting, collaborative, mentorship-style approach.  I believe in faithfully focusing on core, fundamental concepts, and avoid getting bogged down in trends and ideas that seem too-good-to-be-true.  I enjoy working with clients who prioritize sound judgment and resilience.  

​Before evolving into my current role, over 20 years of my career involved specializing in different aspects of financial programs for executives and ultra high net worth individuals – many of these years were in the rigorous corporate world, focused on developing, implementing, and administering executive compensation and benefits programs at large publicly-traded (stock owned) companies.  After a long chapter down in the trenches focused on how and how much people are paid, I’ve adjusted emphasis to the true heart of the money matter: habits, mindset and discipline play a critical role in cultivating financial security and success.  

Together, let’s walk the path to learn, grow and love your financial situation.  



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